Hosting a Church Outdoor Movie Night

November 11th, 2021 by Shane Goslin

A Church movie night or youth group movie night can be one of the community outreach opportunities for your church. Whether you are showing an animated children's movie or a religious-themed movie, GoOutdoorMovies is readily equipped to bring a high-quality event to you and your congregation.

Why are church outdoor movies such a great event?

A Church movie night brings the community together and can help bring expose individuals to the community and support that your church has to offer as well as allowing existing members to socialize and enjoy a great evening under the stars.

Many movies have strong moral messages and tell amazing stories, which can be a sermon in their own unique way. A public park can be the perfect location to host your movie night since the outside community will likely feel more welcome and drawn to attend.

What are the steps to plan a successful movie night for my church?

1 – Location
Scout a good outdoor location for your event

  • Church Parking lot
  • Grassy Field-perfect for blankets and chairs
  • Local Park (perfect for community events)

2 – When is The Best Time to Host a Church Family Night Movie Event
Seasonal events are perfect and typically have the best turnout: Fall festivals, spring movie night, summer movie series or even a Christmas movie night

3 – Find a Quality Outdoor Movie Rental Company
To take the stress out of planning, hire an outdoor movie provider like Go Outdoor Movies - Outdoor Movie Rentals. They will have quality equipment, professional technicians, and will be able to help choose the best spot on your property for a successful event everyone will remember. Tip: Make sure the company you choose has insurance and is reputable. Typically bounce house companies that offer outdoor movies do not offer the same experience as a company that ONLY does outdoor movies.

4- Pick a movie for your Church Family Fun Night
Movies can be used to convey messages to your church community, help strengthen family, marriage, and community.

Whether you choose a religious-themed movie or a popular mainstream blockbuster, make sure it is aimed at what the community likes and expects. Animated movies such as Pixar and Disney typically have the best turnout if they happen to fit your theme. This is usually the hardest part of planning your movie night when you have a quality outdoor movie company handling the rest of the event!

5 – Promote and Share
Get the message out and promote your Church Movie Night

  • Share Flyers at your services
  • Mail invitations
  • Post signs around your Neighborhood
  • Advertise using Facebook Events
  • Post on the Church Website
  • Publish to the Church Bulletin
  • Create Posters
  • Promote In Church Announcements
Can we can use our own projectors and sound?

You may have a projector and other AV equipment at your church, however, we do not recommend trying to use it to save money. Blending equipment between companies can add extra stress and adds extra variables to the setup. Choosing a great outdoor movie company like Go Outdoor Movies to make for a stress-free night. You’ll enjoy the film with your audience while we handle the rest.
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Can a Church Show an Outdoor Movie for Free?

To show a movie outside to the public, you are required to have proper movie licensing.

If your event is not on church property, you will need to look at traditional non-theatrical church movie licensing suppliers like Swank or Criterion.