Parks and Recreation Movie Nights

February 11th, 2021 by Shane Goslin

New and unique events are a great way to create interest in city parks. Nothing makes a community more alive than the annual film night at the new park or leisure center. Sometimes it isn't easy to think of an activity that has not been done a million times, but if you want to provide creative inspiration to your parks and recreation department, here is a list of the most popular outdoor movie night ideas. Go Outdoor Movies recommends the following screen sizes for your movie in the park: 20-ft AIRSCREEN, 24-ft AIRSCREEN, or a 30-ft AIRSCREEN.
Movie Nights in the Park by GoOutdoorMovies
The park organization can also organize events such as an outdoor movie night in the park or in a local community center or even in the community park. Working with Go Outdoor Movies makes planning public events in your community a breeze and we are always on the lookout for new and unique ideas for your next event. We offer a wide range of outdoor movie rental options and inflatable movie screen options to ensure that our community can enjoy a superior outdoor movie experience. Find a Go Outdoor Movies location near you and book your inflatable movie screen rental for your movie in the park today!
Dive-in Movie Night by the Pool
Most parks and recreation departments have a community pool that is perfect for a "Dive-in" movie night! So many people around the community will love the idea of swimming to cool off while watching a fun-filled film such as Aquaman, Jaws, The Shallows, Nemo, or even Sharknado (all jokes aside, definitely Nemo or Jaws lol).
Inflatable Movie Screen Rental
Everyone loves outdoor cinema's magic, but nowadays, the fun of attending an outdoor movie is increasingly becoming a solitary event, especially for young people with limited access to a park or other outdoor facilities. Family celebrations are great for enjoying a great outdoor movie, and nothing illustrates that more than the drive-in cinema. Since the 1950s, films have been a community event, but today it is more of a private event.
Movie Night at Community Pool
Parks and Rec Movie Night
Downtown Movie Night