How to Host a Summer Outdoor Movie Series

February, 9th 2020 by Shane Goslin

If you have ever considered an outdoor movie night series for your organization, the task can seem daunting at first. Outdoor movies are perfect for school events, festivals, church events, parks and recreation events, fundraisers, and corporate events.
Although outdoor movies are fairly complex, we want to make sure you have a nice outline of what it takes to make an outdoor movie series successful.

Step 1: Hire a Professional Outdoor Movie Screen Rental Company
This is the first step to help create a high-quality event that people will want to return to time and time again. When the outdoor movie is the centerpiece of the event, it will be hard to get guests to return if it isn't high quality. There are a lot of "Joe's Bounce Houses" out there that happen to have a movie screen because they thought they could make a quick buck. However, we highly recommend finding a company that specializes in outdoor movies. It is a craft that not many people have perfected, so make sure you don't settle for less. Especially if large crowds are expected at your reoccurring outdoor movie events.
Step 2: Create a Unique Atmosphere and Bring in Local Vendors
When it comes to creating a successful outdoor movie night series, it is important to create something that people cannot find anywhere else in the area. Once the outdoor movie rental vendor has been chosen, it is time to decide on who else should be involved in your outdoor event. One of the best ways to do this is to keep everything local, people love supporting small businesses when given the opportunity to.
To this day, one of the best ways to get people excited is by inviting food trucks to your event. The more variety the better! The best part is, the vendors are always looking for good opportunities to set up and make money. If you can create a successful outdoor movie night series, they will come time and time again. Eventually, you could even start charging the food trucks to be there which will help make your events more affordable and profitable.
Step 3: Choose a Movie and Secure Copyrights
When it comes to choosing a movie, it can honestly become more difficult than expected. There are so many choices, how do you know which one people will want to see? This can definitely be tough to figure out.
We recommend googling or searching "Popular movies now" or "Popular kids movies" to begin brainstorming. The movies that look the best outdoors on our inflatable movies screens time and time again are movies like CoCo, Ralph Breaks the Internet, and Frozen. They are always extremely vibrant and the kids love them!
Another great way to select a movie is to create a poll on Facebook! Just choose a couple of movies from your google search or your movie collection, and let the people vote! They will never lie on what they want to see and it will make the selection easy for you.
Once the movie has finally been selected, we recommend contacting either Swank Motion Pictures or Criterion USA to obtain a Copyright/License to show the movie publicly at your event. This will protect your organization from fines of any kind related to what could be an illegal outdoor screening of a movie. Although organizations are rarely pursued or fined, it is still better to be safe than sorry when it comes to obtaining copyrights for your outdoor movie night.
Step 4: Advertise Heavily on Social Media
Social media is a fantastic tool to get people engaged with your outdoor movie night. Setting up an event that people can RSVP to or express interest in is a fantastic way to get the word and details of your movie night spread quickly. Once people RSVP it reminds them leading up to the event and it also shows that they are going to their friends. This exponential effect is something that must be taken advantage of. However, even though social media is a great tool, old school flyers posted around town and within your organization about your outdoor movie series will always be valuable when making your event a success.