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Ryobi Generator Rental 1800W

Ryobi Generator Rental 1800W

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Our bluetooth controlled 1800W Ryobi Inverter generator rental is ready to help make your next outdoor event a breeze.

It is super quiet and portable with both wheels and an extendable handlle.

When providing power for your outdoor movie rental, you don't want to settle for anything less than the best.

Loud generators can be extremely distracting during a movie, which is why New Age Cinemas only buys ultra quiet inverter generators to rent.

1800W Ryobi ultra quiet generator is large enough to run:

  • 12-ft screen package with small popcorn machine rental
  • 12-ft screen package without popcon machine rental
  • Large popcorn machine alone

New Age Cinemas also has a larger 3000W Honda EU3000i Generator Rental available.

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